Interesting blogs

Cholesterol and Health Blog by Dr Chris Masterjohn, nutritional scientist, great writer and public speaker, whom I started to follow in his writings about LCHF diet around 2010. At the time he was advocating the opposite of my beliefs about essential fatty acids and the importance of n-6 vs n-3 (my initial love with nutrition, thanks to the Zone diet, where a low n-6:n-3 ratio is a key parameter to follow), so it sparked my attention and I have been following him with great interest ever since.

Eating Academy Blog by Dr Peter Attia, MD with an interesting nutritional background, a bright mind and excellent writing skills. Dr Attia discusses about lipidology and his personal journey into nutritional ketosis in a relatively simple and very passionate way.

Docs Opinion Blog by Dr Sigurdsson, a cardiologist sharing vast knowledge on heart conditions, health and nutrition

Yogalates Bliss Dubai by Noura El-Imam. Differently from the above mentioned, Noura does not get into great nutritional science details, but she is a very passionate yoga practitioner (mixing Yoga and Pilates) and studio owner. I have met Noura during the summer of 2013 and her drive and inspiration have surely contributed to some extent to the creation of this blog. In her blog she presents her yoga courses and shares her inspiring healthy recipes.


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