TACFIT. A workout protocol developed by coach Scott Sonnon which I came to know about one year ago and have been glued to ever since. Based on a combination of free body workouts, use of kettlebells, clubbells (if you are wondering what they are, click on the link and you will find out!) and med balls, using recovery strategies as much as hard core training sessions and mixing different training protocols, I found it a very complete approach to training. I even obtained certification in TACFIT and Clubbell training in 2013 and would recommend the system to anyone.

Yogalates Bliss Dubai. The webpage of Noura El-Imam and her venture in yoga and pilates.  I have met Noura during the summer of 2013 and her drive and inspiration have surely contributed to some extent to the creation of this blog. In her webpage she presents her yoga courses and shares her inspiring healthy recipes in a more structured way than in her blog.


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