Diagnostika Medlabs. Dubai-based laboratory tor functional testing, which I first contacted to perform blood fatty acids tests shortly after arriving in Dubai and have been using for more assessments since. Highly professional, they offer some of the highest quality tests and reports in the market.

Metametrix. International laboratory that has developed and carries out a number of unconventional lab tests. I first heard about them in my early Zone diet days (early 2000s) and I was glad to find out that Diagnostika in Dubai are their partners.

Spectracell. Another international laboratory which I only recently heard about when testing for blood cholesterol with the inclusion of LDL particle numbers and subclasses. They have other functional tests and again Diagnostika are their partners in Dubai.

Detox Delight Middle East. If you are on this blog, chances are you already know about them. If not, please read my first posts, about my detox diet program, provided by the amazing Claudia and Nicole from Detox Delight Middle East. They offer a number of plant-based, raw detox programs with different targets and their concept is based on delivering all the food at your doorstep, to let you just follow with no fuss. The service and support they offer are second to none.

COSMED Company selling high level commercial physiological testing equipment. In our club their tools allow us to measure accurately body composition, VO2Max and other relevant physiological parameters for elite athletes and passionates alike.

Zone Diet. This is the commercial website of the Zone Diet, where you can find resources, foods and supplement developed with the Zone-diet concept in mind. I do not fully agree with the commercialization of a diet, but I guess after many years of research and writing, people have the right to try to bank in…


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